Aim and Vision of the Siloam Foundation.

The purpose of the foundation is to help build the Kingdom of God by serving the body of Christ with the ministry the Lord has given us: by organizing bible study weeks, seminars, leadership training and outreach weeks on board.Besides that the ship is available for self-organised trips/days: In this way we wish to serve churches and other groups.

We strive to do our work as low-cost and efficient as possible, so that it remains possible for all Christians to make use of and enjoy this wonderful ship. Possibilities are being created to support mission and outreach projects in the future with profits made by this project. The ship can also function as a hotel ship during conferences etc.

The ship is available throughout the year.

In the summertime there are mainly week trips. In the early and late season the trips are shorter: one day, weekends or midweeks.


Siloam aan de kade in Kampen